Our Beers

  • Lineal Order APA

    • STYLE:
    • ABV:

    Lineal Order is the long lost cousin of our flagship IPA Rotary Chaos. It was brewed with the same grains as Rotary, but different yeast and hops, giving it the same light soft color with a different mouthfeel and aroma. This […]

  • Evolution Series DIPAs

    • STYLE: Double IPA
    • ABV: 8%

    A series of Vermont Style Double IPA’s brewed with various finishing hops including Mosaic, Eldorado and Cashmere.

  • Cold Moon Black Ale

    • STYLE: Black Ale / Cascadian Dark Ale
    • ABV: 6.4%

    A dark ale with a surprisingly light hoppy finish. Slightly smokey notes of licorice and chocolate linger. A delight for those usually afraid of the dark.

  • Ava Amber

    • STYLE: Amber Ale
    • ABV: 5.4%

    A creamy and malty American Amber Ale with a subtle hop profile. Hints of chocolate and coffee finish this roasty smooth traditional ale.

  • THE Golden Session

    • STYLE: Session Ale
    • ABV: 4.9%

    A session IPA that is very easy going down with a great hop finish including Apollo and Amarillo hops.

  • Rotary Chaos IPA

    • STYLE: American IPA
    • ABV: 5.5%

    A fruity and floral IPA with a present but not overwhelming hop profile including Amarillo and Galaxy. A mild alcohol content makes this a crushable favorite.

  • Fargone Lullaby

    • STYLE: Sap Beer
    • ABV: 9%

    A brown ale brewed with maple sap in place of water and conditioned on blueberries.

  • Early Bender

    • STYLE: Porter
    • ABV: 5.8%

    A traditional English Porter blended with Vermont coffee that we cold-brewed in-house resulting in a smooth mouthfeel, roasty flavor and a subtle bitterness.

  • First Bend Blonde

    • STYLE: Blonde Ale
    • ABV: 6.8%

    A crisp, refreshing and hoppy blonde ale dry hopped with Citra.

  • My Own Private Vermont

    • STYLE: IPA
    • ABV: 5.9%

    An experimental IPA with a hoppy finish brewed with a new strain of hop called “Idaho 7”.