About Ten Bends Beer

Image of Mike Scarlata (left) and Jason Powell, co-owners of Ten Bends Beer
Mike Scarlata (left) and Jason Powell, co-owners of Ten Bends Beer

Inspired Creators of Unique Artisan Ales

It all started when two brewers embarked upon a collaboration in a shed in the deep north woods of Vermont. While facing the adversities of brewing craft beer in a harsh climate with home-made equipment, Ten Bends Beer was born. Our ales represent these early efforts as we continue to craft beer that is inspired by the unique nature of Vermont.

Ten Bends operates a three barrel brewery in under 1400 square feet at our Hyde Park, Vermont location. We offer up to five beers on tap at any given time, with specialty releases in bottles also available periodically.

The Ten Bends Name

IMG_7154Many have asked “Where did the name ‘Ten Bends’ come from?”. Only some local people may know the meaning. The short story is that the Lamoille River distinctly bends ten times between the towns of Morrisville, Vermont and Johnson, Vermont. Bends five and six are within one mile of our brewery location. The deeper story is that the name “Ten Bends” is rooted in Hyde Park’s history and is the name of a close knit neighborhood of town residents, vacationers and fly fishing anglers on the opposite side of town. We’ve also heard several stories of “the bends” formerly being gathering places for high school mischief, including enjoying those kinds of beers we all used to drink back then. We are proud to hold the name “Ten Bends Beer” in an effort to tie ourselves to the local region, its natural wonders and strong community.

Rooted in the Deep North

Picture of Mike Brewing
Mike brewing a five gallon batch in the original Deep North brewery.

A handful of years ago, the co-founders of Ten Bends Beer, Mike Scarlata and Jason Powell began developing all-grain beer recipes at Jason’s workshop in Johnson, Vermont. From the start, after home-brewing on and off for many years, their goal was not to revitalize expensive hobbies, but to familiarize themselves with the process of professional craft brewing on a small scale. With a limited budget, Jason converted an industrial size stainless steel coffee maker from the 1960’s into two kettles that could be used to brew five gallon batches of beer. 

Before long, there was a plethora of craft beer on tap at the shop, and after completing multiple brew mornings outside in the harsh Vermont climate, the space was coined “The Deep North Shop.”  Through this brewing project, Mike and Jason had not only connected on a personal level but also found they had complimentary professional skills, and the planning for what is now Ten Bends Beer began.

Several of the beers that are brewed at Ten Bends Beer today are rooted in early recipes that were brewed at the Deep North Brewery in the woods in Johnson, just 3 miles from today’s location.